putting the soft in software sweatshirt

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$ 45.00


Software is as human as the humans who write it. Software can be pastel. Software can have rounded edges. Software can elicit emotions. Software is adaptable. Software is, well, soft. Software can and should be inclusive. Software can and should be empathetic and thoughtful. The first ever software was written by Ada Lovelace, Enchantress of Numbers (a soft name and title, if I've ever heard one) in the 19th century. Here's to all my fellow softies with big hearts who spend their lives making software soft, in every sense of the word.

And so we bring to you this... softwear. This design will be screen-printed on soft (of course) light pink fleece-lined crew neck sweatshirts. Measurements can be found in the product photos. These sweatshirts won't be available in the store after the pre-order, so if this design gives you warm fuzzy feelings, treat yourself to one now!

This is a pre-order which will run until March 2nd. Since I don't have the space to store inventory, I'll get the sweatshirts screen-printed once the pre-order ends and sweatshirts should hopefully ship by early April. Production delays may occur, so please don't count on having it arrive for anything time sensitive like a birthday present or holiday. Since these are being screenprinted to order, I unfortunately cannot accept returns. Please double check the size chart before ordering.

Available in 1 style (unfitted) from sizes S-5XL!

Photographer: Jackie Luo

Models: @franseapants and @des_papiers