playing games by moonlight tshirt

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$ 30.00

šŸŽ¶ Writing code by daylight,
Playing games by moonlight,
Never running from a boss fight,
She is the one named Sailor Moon šŸŽ¶

Everyone is welcome to join this magical gamer girl squad. You're welcome whether you're tough likeĀ Makoto or a crybaby like Usagi (or both), you're welcome whether you love fighting games or Animal Crossing (or both), you're welcome whether you make games in Twine or write game engines from scratch (or both). And when we fight evil villains (or squash bugs), we're stronger together.

ShippingĀ delays may occur, so please don'tĀ count on having it arriveĀ for anything time sensitive like a birthday present or holiday. Since these shirts are being made to order, I unfortunately cannot accept returns. Please double check the size chart before ordering.Ā 

Available in unfitted long sleeve lavender shirts and unfitted short sleeve lilac shirts, from sizes XS-3XL! Check the size chart provided for measurements in inches!

Ā models:Ā Alex Kimi Wolfe (Sailor Moon), Bel Diriazs (Mercury), Lil Chen (Mars), Linna La (Venus), Haley Smith (Pluto)

photographer: Jackie Luo