indo mie, indo you zine

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$ 15.00

A zine about instant noodles, growing up Indonesian-American, and my one true love, Indomie, in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

From the intro: 

When you pick up a pack of instant noodles, you’re only 3 minutes away from bliss. Whether you’re a master chef or can’t make any other food, whether you put in 3 kinds of veggies or you’re a minimalist, whether you eat your noodles drained or in soup, instant noodles are the (curly, pliant, delicious) thread that connects us all. In this zine you’ll find essays about what instant noodles mean to me, reminiscings of moments from my childhood and adulthood involving instant noodles, and reviews of my favorite brands of instant noodles as well as recommendations for extra ingredients to throw in! Let’s get cooking!

These will be 3-color risograph printed on high quality paper and hand assembled by me! They will start shipping by the end of this month! There may be delays, so it's best if you don't rely on them to arrive for a special day like a birthday.