important software pupdate

BubbleSort Zines

$ 60.00

Software updates always pop up when you're busy doing something important. Even if they contain security fixes or bring you new emoji, they can feel like an annoyance. But! Imagine how much less annoying and more exciting they would be if instead, they were software pupdates, brought to you by a smol furry doge who is doing their best (and who runs doggOS).

Screenprinted on the doggone cutest, softest, comfiest peach colored cropped hoodies you ever did see. They won't be available after the pre-order, so if you'd like one, get your toebeans on it now!

Delays may occur, so please don't count on having it arrive for anything time sensitive like a birthday present or holiday. Since we are a small operation, I unfortunately cannot accept returns. Please double check the size chart before ordering. 

Available in 1 style, from sizes S-2XL! Check the size chart provided for measurements in inches!

models: mintlodicaJulie Horvath

photographer: Celeste Noche

art director, designer: Amy Wibowo