hello world t-shirt

BubbleSort Zines

$ 30.00

Oh the 80's. The hair was bigger, the shoulder pads higher, the computers boxier and cuter. Maybe like me, the 80s is when you first ever used a computer. (Maybe it was later, that's ok too!) Maybe it was to play games, maybe it was design a card for a friend, maybe it was program a triangle-shaped turtle.

Even though displays have gotten much higher resolution since then, and graphics cards and processors have gotten faster, there will always be something charming about those 1980s computers, because they conveyed so much with so few pixels, because they felt so magical, because they are how I fell in love with computers in the first place. 

The Hello World t-shirt celebrates that feeling of magic and the possibilities that opened up the first time you ever used a computer. We searched for the softest cotton t-shirts to screen print these shirts. This shirt won't be available after the pre-order, so if you're amped about it, snag it now!

Here's the 411: Delays may occur, so please don't count on having it arrive for anything time sensitive like a birthday present or holiday. Since these shirts are being made to order, I unfortunately cannot accept returns. Please double check the size chart before ordering. Fitted styles run small, so you might want to order 1 or 2 sizes up, but check measurements to be sure!

Available in fitted and unfitted styles, from sizes XS-3XL! Check the size chart provided for measurements in inches!

Check the photo of the shirt with the pink & periwinkle keyboard for an idea of how vivid the colors on the shirt look in person.

models: Angelica Weaver, Karina Ramirez, Bianca St. Louis

photography: Jackie Luo

makeup: Elizabeth Ford

(Thank you all for making this photoshoot Truly Outrageous <3)

styling/art direction: Amy Wibowo