electrocuties jacket

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$ 130.00

Currently looking for: cuties making cute projects with electricity. Examples include assembling an all pink gaming setup, building fuzzy shy robots that look like ghosts, hacking a payphone to make an interactive psychic hotline art installation, or soldering light up cat ears. Never done these things, but want to? No worries, get amped for the very first club meeting, where we can all learn from each other!

This jacket is made of lovely electric blue satin, and features embroidered lettering at the back, and an embroidered non-inverting op amp at the front, because we're all about amplifying marginalized voices in tech.

P.S. The Electrocuties and The Git it Gurls aren't rivals, they're collaborators!

Item Details:

- The back and front of the jackets are embroidered by an awesome local one-woman embroidery business (Hi Barbara!)

- The jacket is machine washable in cold water. Steam to get the wrinkles out.

- The jacket is 100% polyester.

Available from sizes XS-3XL! Tall sizing is available for sizes 2XL and 3XL. Chart is provided in the images, please double check before ordering!

Models: Nishat Anjum, Erica Baker, Tiffani Ashley Bell, Star Simpson

Photographer: Celeste Noche

Art Direction: Amy Wibowo