418 I'm a Teapot pin
418 I'm a Teapot pin
418 I'm a Teapot pin

418 I'm a Teapot pin

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Putting the tea in HTTP

For anyone who enjoys tea with their transfer protocols, rooibos with their robust error handling, Earl Grey with their graceful degradation, and ceylon with their CSS.

For those whose code isn't powered by coffee but rather herbal infusions and steeped leaves.

From the official Mozilla developer documentation, "The HTTP 418 I'm a teapot client error response code indicates that the server refuses to brew coffee because it is, permanently, a teapot. A combined coffee/tea pot that is temporarily out of coffee should instead return 503. This error is a reference to Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol defined in April Fools' jokes in 1998 and 2014."


418 I'm a teapot

Any attempt to brew coffee with a
teapot should result in the error code
"418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity
body MAY be short and stout.

You can read the full Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol here.

These hard enamel lapel or collar pins consist of two pins that are connected by a chain. The traditional way to wear them is to put one pin on each side of a shirt collar, with the chain dangling between the collar points, but feel free to wear them in any configuration you prefer! The pins measure 22m (teacup) and 28mm (teapot). They feature my favorite monospaced font, Operator Mono. You can find links to that font and other cute programming fonts at my cute computing resource compilation website, computecuter.com.

Pinkies up!