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BubbleSort Zines is a monthly zine series that makes computer science concepts accessible to high school students via drawings, cartoons, and stories! They cover a wide range of topics including sorting, circuits, logic circuits, computer memory, and how the internet works.

BubbleSort Zines is looking for corporate sponsors to donate classroom kits to underfunded orgs/schools! The kits would include a 6-month subscription to BubbleSort Zines for 20 students, and a teacher's guide of interactive classroom exercises to go along with the zines, designed together with a high school student.

Each classroom kit costs $1200, and there’s no limit on the number of kits a company can sponsor. Every zine in a sponsored kit will include the company logo on the inside cover ("this zine donated with <3 by [your company]!"). You'd get an email telling you what orgs/schools have benefitted from your donation (or if you have a classroom in mind that works too!) We can also send a couple zines to you for your office library.

If your company would be interested in helping make computer science educational materials accessible to students who might not other wise be able to afford it, feel free to reach out to sailorhg at bubblesort dot io.


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